Deanne Butchey

Position: Teaching Professor, Department of Finance
Phone: 305-348-7238
Categories: AI Users
Location: Department of Finance

Dr. Deanne Butchey is a Teaching Professor in the Department of Finance, former Chair of FIU Faculty Senate, Member of the FIU Board of Trustees, and Associate Dean of Accreditation at FIU Business.

Deanne holds a PhD in Finance from FIU, an MBA and an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Econometrics from Canada’s York University’s Schulich School of Business, and a general BA in Economics from University of Western Ontario. Before joining FIU, Deanne worked as an Investment Banker and Financial Services Stock Research Analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston in their Toronto offices.

Based on her past experiences and current research, she has integrated the use of AI in the teaching of Finance. In her class students work with AI-powered algorithms and software to analyze vast amounts of financial data, identify patterns, and answer economic/finance related questions. Some of the AI applications include helping investment and commercial banks detect and mitigate risks and identify fraud, providing timely insights to decision-makers and regulators. Students incorporate AI algorithms to analyze market trends, historical data, investor preferences, social media posts, and other sources of information to gauge market sentiment and make informed investment decisions.


Current Projects

  • Project Title: Teaching Big Data and Analytics in Finance in the MSF program
    •  Annually, two cohorts of students work with IBM Watson, SAS Analytics, Python and other tools to answer a burning question related to Finance or Financial Economics. They incorporate the theory of Finance with AI powered algorithms to prepare themselves for the Financial Services world that is increasingly incorporating AI tools to predict the future and prescribe paths for optimal decision-making.